Sensory Immersion…

The "Lyrical Hikes" of Vincent Karche

  • Prices and reservations on demand
  • By Vincent Karche

Former forester and now world-renowned tenor, Vincent lost his voice and then recovered it thanks to trees and a lifelong cohabitation with Canada’s famous Douglas firs. Strengthened by this amazing experience, Vincent would like to share with you his passion for and his closeness with trees.

Because trees are masters of living in the moment, of being present, because song creates vibrations at the cellular level, come sing in the forest with Vincent and feel the joy of life rise within you. It is a moment of great emotion.

Forest baths and Lyrical Hikes guided by Vincent KARCHE (3 hours with 20 people maximum).

Vincent is the author of the work “Les 12 sagesses des arbres” (“Tree Wisdom: A Year of Healing Among the Trees”) that you will find in your lodge and for sale in our concept store at the reception or on our website.


The Sensory Immersion experience and Coachrespiration® method of Jean-Marie DEFOSSEZ

  • Prices and reservations on demand
  • By Jean-Marie DEFOSSEZ and Laurence PAGANUCCI

The Sensory immersion experience and Coachrespiration method by Jean-Marie DEFOSSEZ.
A true experience to wake up your senses and let go of the things you can’t control. You will feel a change within hours. Rediscover your body, your breath, open the door to feelings in order to find your true self, to become rooted. That is the sole purpose of Jean-Marie DEFOSSEZ, biology doctor, specialist of stress management, writer of “Sylvothérapie, le pouvoir bienfaisant des arbres” (“Sylvotherapy: The Beneficial Power of Trees”). He will be accompanied by Laurence PAGANUCCI, sophrologist. These exceptional, timeless moments will allow you to completely reconnect with nature and your inner self. Guided by Jean-Marie and Laurence, you won’t see the forest the same as you did before, you won’t breath like you did, you will never forget this timeless experience: it is yours, and yours alone.  A source of well-being to carry with you for a long time.

Jean Marie will initiate you in his exclusive method “Coachrespiration®: Breathing with the trees”.

Price for a 3-day experience on demand (accommodations are not included but may be arranged).

The beneficial effects of this course are felt immediately and last for several weeks.

Let the forest take you in

The simple fact of being in nature, in a wild forest so full of life —above ground, below ground, in its height, its breadth— with all your senses awakening, fills you with a deep sense of well-being. Walk slowly. Take the time to take time. Let yourself be guided by the song of a bird, be carried by the wind, look at the ballet of leaves above your head. Re-discover your skin, your body, your heart… the fact that they all work marvellously in harmony with this benevolent green universe where we all come from. It is calming, soothing, revitalizing. Walk to go somewhere, or nowhere… it doesn’t matter in the end. This moment is yours. Let the forest come to you and guide you. Inhale the scents, feel the energies, the different temperatures, textures, touch the trunk of a tree, the green moss or the soil. Smell it, breathe it, feel that wave of emotions coming from your inner-self rise in you, to your life, it is truly here.


Find the verticality inside you, rising like a tree to the sky, to the light. Feel the heat inside you. It is your light, the life inside you that only asks to be lived. In harmony with you. A forest bath to make you feel alive. Quite simply.

Forest Baths

  • €70 per person
  • by Anne-Caroline FREY
  • by Céline CONNAN

A special experience guided by Anne Caroline FREY, the founder of the hotel or by Céline CONNAN, sylvotherapist and nature specialist. Just for you or with a group, come breathe with the trees and discover how to ignite your senses again. You will learn how to feel the forest differently, to let it in inside you and enjoy its benefits. You will discover how to breathe with the trees according to the “Coach respiration” method by Jean-Marie DEFOSSEZ, and —why not?— to reconnect with a tree or even sing and dance with it.