In the heart of the Loire Valley châteaux, 25km from the château of Chenonceau and the château of Amboise

LOIRE VALLEY LODGES offers you an exceptional location with 18 suites of 55m2 nestled in the heart
of the trees, perched 4m high, each offering a large terrace equipped with a private spa. The lodges are
scattered throughout a private forest surrounding a renovated farmhouse, which offers all the comforts of a luxury hotel –
swimming pool, bar-lounge, restaurant, room-service.

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Reconnecting with one’s Deep Nature

Because we all have a tree hidden deep within us, whether the one of our childhood memories, the one to whom we loved to tell our secrets as a kid, the one in which we climbed, the one that offered us fruit in the summer.

Because the colour green and its light soothe us, because the curved shapes and slow movements of nature reassure us, because the forest brings us a sensitive comfort so necessary to our well-being, today even more than yesterday.

Because we are all descendants of the hunter-gatherer for whom the forest was a source of peace, shelter, food and water. Because our lungs are so similar to a tree’s root system. Because deep down we feel that the forest is one of the last vital components of our survival, and yet, it is threatened.

Here, the luxury is being able to escape, to rise above it all with a forest bath, the promise of an exceptional sensory experience

Contemporary art blends into every corner of the forest; trees reveal their secrets; the taste of a
dish or a glass of wine excites your taste buds; comfortable lodges open onto the forest through large
windows and private terrace guarantee your immersion in the raw nature; spas and massages
open the way to sylvan well-being with essential oils from our trees. In this natural and warm
setting, time stand still. And your senses awaken. Nature seeps into your innermost being to take you on an unforgettable journey.

Feel Alive

Awaken your senses, discover new ones, just remember what it means to “be alive”. It is so good to be alive: to stop chasing after time, needing to go faster and farther, to surpass oneself…

Here, we propose you to go to the essential: live in the moment, follow a desire, listen to each other. Reconnect with yourself, feel free, be whole, true. Recharge your energy. We accompany you on this sensory immersion in the heart of deepest nature.

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Reconnect with Nature

Let the forest come in and guide you. Inhale its scent, feel its energy, the changing temperatures, textures. Caress the trunk of a tree, the green moss of the earth. Breathe it in. Let yourself be swept away by the wave of emotion rising within you. Find your verticality by standing tall like a tree, reach to the sky, towards the light. Feel this inner warmth. It is your light. It is the life that is in you and asks only to be lived. With you, in harmony.

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Live with a Purpose

To live an experience in LOIRE VALLEY LODGES is to choose a place in harmony with nature, with an eco-responsible approach in terms of the choice of materials used, local suppliers, the use of wood native to the surrounding forest and an unconditional respect for trees.

It is a place for nature lovers in search of immersion in deep nature, of freedom – For fans of cultural tourism, visitors to the chateaux of the Loire, for enthusiasts of gastronomic tours, of oenological excursions, of exploring French heritage – For lovers of unusual experiences, in search of emotions and sensations and off-the-beaten-path adventures  – For those seeking well-being, slow living, a place to recharge, cosy and zen

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