Sir Oak Tree

Our century – old oak tree – the cardinal protective tree of those born March 21 – welcomes you and offers you the shade of its protective branches all day long, for a moment of reading or even better, daydreaming…

Let go and be lulled ; Sir Oak certainly has some great stories to share with you.

Front desk /concept store

At your arrival, our reception team will take you for a visit of the place and guide you to your lodge.

Next to the reception, the concept store offers a selection of works related to nature, art, design, protective trees, as well as the paintings, sculptures, and photographies of the artists represented at Loire Valley Lodges. You will also find our Deep Nature essential oils, a selection of scents from Bon Parfumeur, and essential items such as solar products.

The Aromatic Courtyard

Once you’ve parked and left your car in the parking lot, you will arrive at Loire Valley Lodges by way of our aromatics courtyard, where you will be caught up in the scent of coriander, basil, thyme…

The aromatics courtyards are in the immediate vicinity of the kitchens and the bar so that your herbal teas and salads are guaranteed fresh ! Perhaps you will also want to taste our homemade sorbets with thyme and rosemary ? In this same courtyard, our red fruits garden takes the sun so that currants, blackcurrants, raspberries or blueberries illuminate your dishes and awaken your tastebuds.

The Pool

A 20m long swimming pool is available from April to September, from 9am to 8pm, behind the main building. In addition to the pool terrace where mattresses are at your disposal to enjoy the sun, you will find outdoor seating areas tucked amongst aromatic and perennial plants, offering a comfortable setting to enjoy coffee, tea, a fresh herbal tea, fruit juice or a glass of wine.

The Nordic Bath

Have you ever felt how much it is pleasant to stay into a hot jacuzzi while having your head in cool air staring at the nature when it’s cold outside ?
We have pushed the idea further : we put the swimming pool into use (but not heated !) and we installed a nordic bath right next to the swimming pool to allow you to live another sensory experience.
You can warm up in a 40°C bath, then swim a few lengths in the cold pool and go back in the hot bath…
You just need to book a time range at the reception to enjoy this experience. (Towels and blanckets at are your disposal in the locker room near the pool as well as a hairdryer.)


Druids held a central role in the Celtic civilization. They lived in close relationship with nature and considered the trees sacred, since they were inhabited by Gods. In Celtic astrology we find 21 trees/signs corresponding to periods of the year.
Each calendar date corresponds to one of the 21 protective trees. The Duporterie forest that surrounds the Loire Valley Lodges naturally shelters many, but not all, of these protective trees, so we planted the missing species. Go and discover all these trees and find yours. You will certainly recognize yourself by reading the characteristics of your birth tree sign… If you want to deepen your relationship with your protective tree, we grow each species of the 21 Celtic trees in our greenhouse ; the saplings are available for purchase in our concept store. You will be able to leave with your little tree, plant it in your garden or a green space near you and watch it grow and flourish at your leisure. It will be a source of energy for you.