Massage : An inner journey

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    Invigorating massages

    • Anne-Sophie DUFEUTRELLE and her team :
    • Amélie STROZYK
    • Charlotte BARBIER
    • Dominique PERON
    • Marine PICHELIN
    • David HASSLI

    You will receive your massages in your lodge – either on the terrace or in your room, as you please, in order to enjoy the sounds of the forest and the essential oils naturally released by the trees that surround your lodge. All our massages incorporate natural elements from trees, plants, flowers or even essences from our forest, starting with our exclusive massage oil, based on essential oils. An energy boost, an inner journey, a sensory experience to help you reconnect with your body, and yourself.

Price : €110 | Duration : 75 min

Sylvan Massage

An exceptional treatment created exclusively for Loire Valley Lodges by the designer and owner of the hotel and Anne Sophie Dufeutrelle, specialist in massages and energy rebalancing.
This spa treatment is an immersion in the heart of the forest that integrates leaves, flowers, essences, and an exclusive massage oil based on essential oils from the trees of our forest.

Price : €110 | duration : 60 min

Californian-Swedish massage

A balance between strength and softness in this treatment that combines two techniques: the wide and gentle movements of the Californian combined with the strength and precision of the Swedish for a deep relaxation of body and mind. Our practitioner will use an exclusive massage oil based on essential oils from the trees of our forest.

Price : €110 | duration : 60 min


A product of traditional Chinese medicine, shiatsu is a clothed massage on a futon or a table, which acts on meridians and the circulation of energy through pressure and stretches. Unlocking energy (yin and yang balance) stimulates and strengthens self-healing abilities, and leads to an absolute sense of well-being.

Price : €110 | duration : 60 min

Face Massage

A face massage inspired by the Japanese Kobido technique. With precise and tonic gestures, this massage refreshes the features, gives radiance to the skin and erases the effects of stress. Practiced regularly, it is recognized for its lifting and contouring effect.

Price : €110 | duration : 50 min

Sound Massage

A journey into the magic of sound that leads to deep mental and bodily relaxation. The sound massage is a clothed massage that is practiced using singing bowls, which are delicately placed on different parts of the body and carefully struck to let the beneficial harmonics blossom. This treatment revitalizes the being by tuning body, mind and soul.