Mental and overall wellness

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    A targeted resourcing moment that spreads mental and global wellness

    • FOR THE FACE...
    • Amandine Brault
    • Virginie Guillemet
    • & Anne-Sophie Dufeutrelle and her team

    Our skin is our largest sensory organ. That is why it is essential and resourcing to take care of our face, as this part of the body offers a high concentration of sensory sensors… In addition to the skin, which is a showcase and mirror of our inner self, our face houses the main reception areas such as the eyes, ears, nose and mouth.


    Taking care of our face, offering it a moment of targeted attention, is to provide your whole body and mind with a moment of relaxation, regeneration, a global resourcing. We offer massages focused on the face, with or without the use of beauty treatments.


    The choice is yours…

« La Chênaie »

Massages and face treatments


Enter the heart of the forest and enjoy an olfactory and sensory journey between oaks and pines… while offering your face the regenerating and nourishing elements it needs.

After a welcome and a guided relaxation to release your tensions, our practitioner will take care of your skin. Our beauty treatments are based on La Chênaie products and expertise.


La Chênaie, a French brand, offers natural products based on Oak extracts. The oak, the majority tree within our forest, is the tree that touches the sky and fertilises the earth. It is the majestic tree, symbol of strength and longevity. Organically very pure and improving with age, the oak contains exceptional resources: antioxidants, regenerators, stimulants… For the first time, its benefits have been brought together in cosmetic products under the La Chênaie brand, which we have chosen to offer you the best of the forest for your skin.

Price : €90 | duration : 50 min

Supreme Anti-ageing Massage and Care


After a deep cleansing, our esthetician will perform a gentle exfoliation, followed by a relaxation with warm oshiboris. While the oxygenating mask will be applying, you will enjoy an arms and hands modeling with a regenerating serum. After that, you will have a reshaping effect facial modeling and an anti-age treatment from La Chênaie. This supreme anti-ageing treatment focuses on wrinkles, firmness and shaping of the face. It is recommended from the age of 35. For all skin types.

Price : €75 | duration : 50 min

Massage and Ultra-moisturising care with Pétrasève


After a deep cleansing, our esthetician will perform a gentle exfoliation, followed by a relaxation with warm oshiboris. While the hydrating mask will be applying, you will enjoy an arms and hands modeling with a regenerating serum. After that, you will have a radiance effect modeling of the face with vegetable oil followed by the application of La Chênaie ultra moisturising treatment. This treatment will intensely moisturise your skin and restore its natural radiance. For all skin types, especially dry and sensitive skin.

Price : €110 | duration : 60 min

Face Massage


A face massage inspired by the Japanese Kobido technique. With precise and tonic gestures, this massage refreshes the features, gives radiance to the skin and erases the effects of stress. Practiced regularly, it is recognized for its lifting and contouring effect. This massage begins with our signature wellness ritual.

Price : €60 | duration : 40 min

Reflexology and anti-wrinkle face self-massage workshop


Because knowing how to transmit is an essential value for us, and because sharing is a daily pleasure for everyone, we propose a self-massage or massage workshop in duo to enable you to learn the main acupressure points (traditional Chinese medicine) on the feet, hands and face. This way you will be able to extend the experience at home, every day, to enjoy the benefits of your stay for longer.

The daily self-massage helps to reduce fine lines and activate blood and lymphatic circulation for a radiant skin tone.

Interactive map
Click on the dots on the right to discover our 18 lodges, works of art, swimming pool and much more
Lodge 1 "O'Plumes" by Charlotte Perrot
The softness and subtlety of feathers, an ode to feminity
Lodge 2 "Lost Lodge" by Aurèle
A shelter for Aurele's Lost Dog
Discover this lodge
Lodge 3 "T(h)rees" by Zou
Three, 3 trees, 3 canvas speaking of trees, T(h)rees... an evidence
Discover this lodge
Lodge 4 "Kabine" by Kosmos
Coming inside Kabine is a real journey...
Discover this lodge
Lodge 5 "JungOne" by JonOne
When the urban graffiti artist meets the forest
Discover this lodge
Lodge 6 "Nude" by Gilles Ballini
The strength and power of Earth's elements
Discover this lodge
Lodge 7 "Houppelandes" by Elisabeth Riou
Travel through time and around the globe
Discover this lodge
Lodge 8 "Picto Heaven" by Pierre Marie Lejeune
From washed blue to indigo blue, a journey to the heart of color so dear to Pierre Marie Lejeune, sculptor
Discover this lodge
Lodge 9 "Moodywood" by Cédric Marcillac
A Hollywood worthy score in the heart of the forest
Discover this lodge
Lodge 10 "Yellow Shelter" by Aurèle
International Aurele Yellow
Discover this lodge
Lodge 11 "Lucien" Hommage Serge Gainsbourg
A tribute to the great Serge Gainsbourg
Discover this lodge
Lodge 12 "Uzume" by Jacques Bosser
Black and white chic recreated by Jacques Bosser and his talent
Discover this lodge
Lodge 13 "Les Ailes du Désir" by Michel Audiard
Will an angel renounce its celestial standing ?
Lodge 14 "Paradis" by CharlElie Couture
"Adam et Rêve" paradise by CharlElie Couture
Discover this lodge
Lodge 15 "Sixtie's" by Anne-Caroline Frey
With Mick Jagger, Polnareff or Sylvie Vartan as roommates
Discover this lodge
Lodge 16 "Via Nilo" by Philippe Borderieux
The subtlety of the painter's palette
Discover this lodge
Lodge 17 "Efflorescences" by Cédric Porchez
A special lodge, probably the most romantic one
Discover this lodge
Lodge 18 "Essentielle" by Tara
Recharge in a lyrical forest bath
Discover this lodge
La Femme Loire
by Michel Audiard
Lost Dog
by Aurèle
Around the farmhouse is an arboretum of the 21 protective trees of the Druids. Some were planted recently, others have been there for tens or even hundreds of years. At the foot of each species is a sign explaining the characteristics of these natives...
Mr. le Chêne
We call him Monsieur because he is our ancestor, he was there long before us and will be there long after us. Nearly 200 years old, Mr le Chêne is the very example of strength, wisdom... he takes his time. Go and recharge your batteries under its coal-bearing branches, it is benevolent and discreet but will inspire you
Car park
The car park is reserved for hotel guests. It has charging stations for electric cars, as well as a Porsche terminal. A disabled space is reserved for people with reduced mobility, near the reception
Our greenhouse is home to many small seedlings of druid-protecting trees. If you want to buy one to take with you and plant it, in your garden or somewhere in a forest, to meet it and watch it grow, they are on sale at the concept store, along with books on their history.
Red berries garden
The Green Room
Meeting room for seminars, creative sylvotherapy room, relaxation or yoga room, the green room welcomes groups. It has all the cutting-edge technology for videoconferencing, projection, etc. Its capacity is 18-20 people in normal layout, up to 35 in “theater” layout.
Aromatics courtyard
Confined space in the inner courtyard, furnished with armchairs and sofas, this space is open to you at all times. Do not hesitate to ask yourself a few minutes and breathe the scents of the plants. Our chefs and bartender come here to sample the aromatic herbs for the dishes and drinks of the day.
Left luggage
Reception / Concept store
Our concept store dedicated to nature and art offers you a selection of products, which varies regularly according to the news of the place. You will always find works of art by our artists, a selection of beautiful books and novels, but also our exclusive essential oils, made from essences present in the forest.
Lounge bar
A warm space where it is good to cool off in summer or meet in front of the fireplace in winter. In this comfortable space you can consult artistic magazines, books on trees, forests, nature, artists, drink a cold beer, a detox fruit juice, a glass of cocktail wine, an infusion of fresh herbs from the garden… You have free Wifi and a large screen TV which will of course broadcast major sporting events, but also reports on our artists, trees, nature in general
Our Ardent restaurant welcomes you on the terrace or inside for your lunches from Friday to Sunday and for your dinners from Thursday to Sunday. All the à la carte products come from the forest, our vegetable garden or local producers with recognized know-how. Immersed in the world of the forest, the spirit of its cuisine with local and wild luxury will navigate between authenticity and pure creation. Whatever the place or the moment, you will be able to discover and savor dishes with lively flavors, inspired by the surrounding nature and the latest harvests from our vegetable garden.
WC / Locker rooms
In order to avoid having to go back to your lodge, a locker rooms is available near the swimming pool to change before or after lunch on the terrace or in the restaurant.
English garden
Swimming pool
The swimming pool (20x5m) is open from May to October. Sunbathing, parasols, bath towels and foutas await you. The bartender will be happy to come and serve you a drink by the water if you wish. The swimming pool is strictly reserved for hotel guests
Reachable from the bar, our large terrace opens directly onto the swimming pool, the forest and the English garden. You can have a drink or eat there at your convenience. The terrace is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.