From April 8, our second restaurant opens its doors to you.
Installed in the courtyard of aromatics, chefs in residence will follow one another all summer long to make you discover new, intriguing, moving flavors inspired by the forest, nature and their travels around the world.
Open from Saturday noon to Wednesday evening.

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Discover the Chefs in residence this season

Daniel Morgan

From April 8 to May 1, 2023

A rock’n roll signature cuisine, uninhibited and mixed

After starting his international culinary career between Indre, Japan, Sweden and even South America, the English chef Daniel Morgan opened his first restaurant in Paris (Salt), before taking the reins of the kitchens of Robert, the restaurant of Edouard Bergeon and Loïs Martin.

His “gypsy punk” cuisine draws inspiration from his travels. He works his products in a conscious way, as close as possible to the earth.

After a year alongside Redzepi at Noma in Copenhagen (3* and voted best restaurant in the world 5 times), Daniel received several awards, including that of best British chef in Paris by the Lebey guide 2016 and voted best chef in the year 2021 by Le Fooding. @danielmorgan_8

Photo credit : @romainguittet

Samy Benzekri

From May 2 to May 29, 2023

Instinctive, plant-based cuisine

After studying cooking at Ferrandi, Samy Benzekri trained in Parisian houses: Le Bel Ordinaire, Frenchie, Fulgurances, but also in New York, at Eddy and at Racines. He returned to France and made several pop ups in Paris. After a stint in the south of France, at Elsa in Monaco with Manon Fleury, and as a chef at Tuba Club in Marseille, he returned to Paris and returned alongside Manon Feury, at the Chalet des Îles in Daumesnil.

His cuisine works by instinct and makes it a point of honor to highlight plants at the heart of the plate.


Photo credit : @sammiekinz

Juan Pablo Rojas Pineda

From May 31 to June 28, 2023

A cuisine inspired by its Colombian roots

After training at Ferrandi Paris and working in the kitchens of Antoine with Thibault Sombardier (1*), Septime (1*) and the Flocon restaurant, Juan Pablo embarked on a trip to Colombia to reconnect with his native culture.

Since his return to France, he has been discovering his cuisine with Colombian accents but made with local products through pop-ups: We Are Ona, le Bal Café, Pompee, Rebel Bruxelles, Sambombi in Medellin and more recently at the restaurant Les Oeillets.


Photo credit : @carreaulignes

Milan Gataric

From July 26 to August 30, 2023

Back to basics cooking

Chef and owner of the Lux restaurant in Rotterdam, Milan Gataric has also made a name for himself during pop-ups in several European cities: Brussels at Nightshop, Berlin at Jaja, Zurich at Bar Lupo, or at the Auberge de Chassignolles in Auvergne.

This wine lover takes part in meals with winegrowers, and is also a fan of surprising pairings: kebab and Champagne for example !

Milan Gataric’s cuisine is punctuated by very simple ingredients that he takes pleasure in sublimating using traditional methods to make remarkable dishes.


Thomas Coupeau

From August 30 to September 27, 2023

Instinctive cooking, fire cooking, new generation

This young thirty-year-old who loves street food as much as Parisian bistros, embodies the new generation of chefs. Noted for his position as chef at Carbón in the Marais, he notably developed an expertise in cooking over a wood fire.

Today an itinerant conductor, he participates in numerous residences in Paris and abroad and collaborates regularly with We Are Ona.

Self-taught and young gifted in the kitchen, he likes to cook on instinct and desire.

His kitchen ? Spontaneous, modern and seasonal. An appetite for cooking over fire. Regressive and Proustian dishes, which he likes to twist to surprise his guests. All with local and quality products.

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