An Artistic Journey

When nature and art connect

To offer you an unforgettable experience

Beyond the artistic world of each Lodge designed by a different artist, LOIRE VALLEY LODGES invites you to stroll amongst monumental sculptures you’ll find scattered along forest lanes, around the house and by the pool.


Giant Lost Dog

Next to the oak totem that guards the reception desk sits Aurele’s dog. From high atop its 4 meters of bronze, “Lostdog” watches over you. Sit at his feet for a moment and become aware of his presence. You will perhaps start a very special conversation. Giant Lost Dog is the largest sculpture that Aurele presents in France. A little brother to this one chose to stay warm in the “lostlodge”.

Philippe Pasqua

Vanity with Butterflies

Philippe’s compelling “Vanity” was an obvious choice for us to install in this place.

This magnificent and poetic work reminds us of how futile our presence is on this planet to which we owe respect. The butterflies challenge us and impose resilience as an inexhaustible force. In bronze, its reflection in the water, at the foot of the great Douglas fir trees guarding the forest, it invites us to reflect, to dream, to feel serenity, the happiness of being, here and now.

Michel Audiard

The Giant Ant

This 10-meters long insect is created with resin. Saying that art magnifies is an euphorism. You will enjoy this huge artwork while strolling in the forest.

Matteo Lo Greco


You will be welcomed to Loire Valley Lodges by “Abraccio”, a monumental bronze by Matteo Lo Greco, an internationally renowned Venetian sculptor whose studios are located on the island of Lido.

This generous work reflects what we want to share with you. It invites you to commune, to enjoy the moment, to be deeply embraced by the forest, to become one with it.
Whether with a tree, your partner or yourself, we hope you will live the most beautiful emotions… so important to Matteo Lo Greco, el sculptore!

Jacques Bosser

Oh la Vache ! (Holy Cow!)

More surprising than a deer —a cow! Tired of traveling from city to city, running on concrete, breathing in pollution, this cow from the Cow Parade asked Jacques Bosser to paint her in camouflage so that she could be forgotten and stay here in peace, in the heart of the forest, out of sight. But it was a mistake, not knowing Jacques’ colour palette! Nature being well done, she has adapted very well and now loves to be watched and admired.

And again

Unexpected works of art...

Beautiful surprises hidden along forest lanes, created by contemporary artists, perhaps, or maybe by wildlife, or Mother Nature … It is up to you to discover them and maybe even to invent some, as you leave your footsteps in the forest, guided by instinct and emotion. Works that you will not find in museums or art galleries, but that you will not soon forget. Nature—it’s an art …